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Pilates is an all over body workout that tones the musculature of the body without the effects of bulking and shortening muscles. It is a specific range of exercises that focuses on the deep core muscles of the stomach and spine while encouraging length and increased mobility and agility across the whole body– toning the body uniformly. Unlike many other exercise regimes, Pilates places little strain or impact on joints as it uses body weight as its form of resistance.

Pilates promotes better posture and alignment of the pelvis and spine, mobility of joints, flexibility, strength, core stability, balance and increased lung capacity. The breath is also designed to keep your mind present and committed to the movements, which engages you fully and motivates you through out class.

Here at the Pilates School of WA – Karrinyup we have a team of highly experienced instructors who regularly undergo national and international training. Each brings a different and unique background to their practice.
GROUP CLASSES - We have been delivering high quality Pilates classes and courses in Perth for over 15 years. Our instructors are among the most experienced in Perth. We offer a variety of props within our mat classes to keep your practice interesting.
CLINICAL PILATES - Our Clinical Pilates practitioners are highly skilled and are trained in the latest Pain Science and evidence-based methods. Clinical Pilates is perfect if you have an injury or condition you would like assistance with, or want to speed up your progress with a specific goal. These classes are tailored specifically to your own needs, goals and body.

Our aim is to inspire members to motivate themselves and instill an excitement in each and every member to come to class. As many of our members have said ‘Pilates is like a drug, you just can’t stay away’. We will train you in the Pilates technique through our beginner/intro Pilates classes, and into general classes, giving you the confidence and knowledge to perform the exercises and in a way that will allow you to reach your highest potential in the technique.

So whether you are interested in changing the shape of your body, improving posture, ridding joint or back pain (including arthritis) or simply improving your general well-being, then Pilates is the technique for you and the Pilates School of WA-Karrinyup is the place to make that commitment to your body and your health.
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Perth Pilates Studio

After graduating from WA Academy of Performing Arts, Rachel worked as a professional contemporary dancer for 12 years.  She then turned her full focus to Pilates, where her interest in the science of movement developed further.  Rachel is now an instructor trainer with Breathe Education, teaching both the Certificate 4 and the Clinical Diploma in Pilates.
With a deep level of understanding of functional movement, Rachel’s classes will inspire, and enrich your own understanding of your body. She wholeheartedly believes in the benefits of Pilates, and is passionate about enabling people to better use their bodies, in a pain-free and fearless way.

Pilates Studio Perth

After discovering Pilates in 2001 and loving everything about the technique, Mary pursued training and education to become an instructor. she enjoys the opportunity to make a difference to the health and well-being of others and finds it especially rewarding when clients have “light bulb moments” which sees them attain a heightened level of understanding or awareness through their Pilates practice. With a background in synchronized swimming, Mary has an affinity with the technicality of Pilates and teaches a class that leaves clients clear headed, personally empowered and moving with a greater ease.


Leonie previously worked as a Registered Nurse, then discovering Pilates at the age of 30 she was excited to find it encompasses her life long passions of movement and healthy living.  Combining her passion and her profession Leonie became a Pilates instructor and has been teaching since 2008. Leonie loves that Pilates is the perfect combination of strength, stability and release which allows clients to see greater holistic wellness, functionality and energy for their everyday lives and futures. Leonie teaches an uplifting and nurturing class that builds a greater mental and physical strength and stability.


Graduating from WA Academy of Performing Arts in 2005, Jacqui spent 8 years as a contemporary dancer. A love for teaching grew during this time and in 2008 she became a Pilates instructor. Jacqui has taught Pilates at studios, dance schools, high schools and gyms across Perth. Jacqui is also a qualified Nutritionist (Bsc. Nutrition, Curtin University). Jacqui teaches a controlled class, reducing momentum and therefore building a high level of strength.


Before moving to Perth in 2000, Sherryl had a varied Dance and Fitness career in her home town, London. After getting her Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance Diploma from The Laban Centre, she taught Street Jazz at
the Sylvia Young’s Performing art School. Since moving to Perth Sherryl has taught Bodyjam, Zumba and choreographed for Perth’s Figure Fitness Competitors. Sherryl became a Pilates instructor in 2012 and feels she found a greater respect for her body.  Sherryl has a wonderful sense of humor and teaches a fun, athletic and extremely knowledgable class.

Pilates Courses Perth

To discuss making a career in Pilates, or to further your Pilates education, please contact Rachel on 0488 955 966

“A team of dedicated, professional, highly trained and encouraging teachers ensures I get the best out of my practice.  I love the challenge of the Fitball class but equally like the stretch and flex classes.  A friendly and welcoming environment, and a place to meet a terrific bunch of people.” Josie
“Pilates is a fantastic way to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility. I love the fact that I'm in control of how hard my workout is. The instructors at PSWA are friendly, approachable and happy to provide alternative movements if you’re suffering from injuries or tight muscles.” Adriaan
“Initially Pilates was about my physical health and flexibility but over the years it has also become a place of friendship and mental relaxation.  The variety of instructors provide different interpretations for all ranges of ability. It is an integral part of my well-being, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Lisa