Intro Package

If you are new to Pilates, have only done a few classes before or are returning after a long time off it is necessary to complete a one on one session before entering the main timetable classes. This intro sessions is designed to impart the knowledge needed to execute each movement correctly, safely and effectively, whilst passing on any relevant adjustments needed if you are dealing with an injury. Here at the PSWA we pride ourselves on upholding the integrity of the Pilates technique so that you gain the greatest benefits from your classes.
These classes can be booked in at a time that suits your schedule and fits around our group classes.

The introductory package costs $165 and includes a 1 hour ONE ON ONE session PLUS 4 group sessions.

Level 1

These classes are perfect if you have completed the intro session, are returning to Pilates after a short time off or are interested in touching up your technique. The classes will give the easiest option of all the exercises and will keep reinforcing details and specifics of each movement.

All Levels

These classes are suitable for anyone who has completed the intro session or is currently and regularly participating in Pilates classes. All options are given so you are able to tailor your workout to your own level or interest. Props are sometimes used to add another level if desired.

Level 2/3

Designed to encourage you to push your limits and take yourself out of your comfort zone, you may even work up quite a sweat. The harder options are always given and positions may be held for longer. It is recommended that you take regular classes for about a year before attempting these classes.


While props can be used in all of our classes, these specific classes are designed to add another level of interest and skill to your workout. A range of props including the fit ball, foam roller, weights, magic circle and resistance bands may be used. Props add some versatility to your practice and allow you to add resistance. The ball and roller also increase your balance and stability and can assist in stretching and self massage.


The pre-natal Pilates program is designed to accommodate your body and abilities as you move through the various stages of pregnancy in a way that is safe, efficient and extremely enjoyable. If your abdominals, back, and pelvic floor muscles are toned, they will support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery and the technique won’t load or jar the joints.

The pre-natal classes are currently on hold. Please watch this space for more information.

joseph pilates matwork flow

The original matwork sequence as designed by Joseph Pilates.This class is continuous, challenging, and suitable for all levels. It is a sequence that can be practiced and mastered.  You are able to work at your own level, and you will see progressive improvement with each class.
Expect a full body workout, Joseph was not shy about moving!!


Some argue that a nutritious dietary intake is the simplest thing in the world to achieve. . . Just eat healthy foods right? But what is healthy? How can we be sure when there are a so many different diets out there? The food industry bombard us with so much advertising and confusing information that a ‘nutritious dietary intake’ becomes a difficult concept to get your head around.

Jacqui holds a Bachelor of Science Nutrition from Curtin University and is excited to be able to offer a consultation service to help shed some light on the science that is nutrition. Call 9244 3044 or email [email protected] for more details!

When you come to class be sure to browse the articles on the nutrition board or if no time them take a look at them here.