Intro Package

YES you can still join at this time with our on-line live streamed classes.
Please contact [email protected] or call 0488 955 966 to organise an intro session for you.

When the studio is back open:
Designed for new members or anyone looking to get back to fundamentals. The intro class is a MUST for all members new to Pilates.
Intro Class  – will introduce to the Pilates Technique and teach you the Pilates principles and get you moving. We will introduce you to a variety of Pilates Props, why and how we use them to both assist and challenge us, while reinforcing the principles and technique within movement. You may require one or two intro classes, to be discussed with your teacher after the first session. Note: If you cannot make these times or prefer to do a private session as your introduction, please contact us on 0488 955 966 or [email protected]
If you have done matwork Pilates already elsewhere (in recent history), you may book straight into any group classes on the timetable, please contact us to discuss.


Matwork Mobility is suitable for levels beginner through to intermediate, is osteoporosis friendly and rehab friendly. Working against your own body weight you will be guided through a series of exercises designed to increase your body awareness, balance and flexibility, and to increase mobility. They will leave your body feeling energised and ready for the day. These classes are perfect if you have completed the intro session, are returning to Pilates after a short time off or are interested in touching up your technique.

All Levels / props / cARDIO

These classes are for anyone who has completed the intro session or is currently and regularly participating in Pilates classes. All options are given so you are able to tailor your workout to your own level, from level 1 right through to very challenging options, designed to encourage you to take yourself out of your comfort zone. You will be guided through a series of exercises designed to challenge your body awareness and ability to control balance and flexibility. 
Props classes - While props can be used in all of our classes, these specific classes are designed to add another level of interest and challenge to your workout. A range of props including the fit-ball, foam roller, weights,magic circle and resistance bands may be used. Props add versatility to your practice and allow you to add resistance, and challenge your balance and stability. This style of workout is so incredibly beneficial to your body, and you are bound to have some laughs along the way too! 
Cardio Classes also use props and run in a circuit style Pilates-based workout.  Expect your heart-rate to raise and your muscles to feel worked! Suitable for all levels.


After an hour with one of our Instructors in this class, you’ll leave lighter, leaner and possibly feeling a little taller! We’ll stretch muscles you never knew existed! Stretch & Release class is the ideal class to counteract the hectic and stressful lifestyles most of us lead today. This class will increase natural flexibility, release muscle tension and strain, improve posture and mobility in the joints, It is based on stretching and breathing techniques,along with fascia elasticity techniques, and incorporates the use of equipment such as stretch bands, rollers, spikey balls and exercise balls. Each Stretch class will leave you refreshed,relaxed and energised. This is a great class to add to your Pilates schedule as it will also give you tips and tricks to take into your regular practice and daily life.


These classes are developed by the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) in response to a growing demand for ballet classes for older learners. Although targeted at those over 50, there is no upper or lower age limit to be a 'Silver Swan'. Teachers are trained to teach a variety of abilities, and you are welcome to attend whether you are have never danced before, or have previous experience and want to get back into the swing of it. Open and accessible, these classes will help with your mobility, posture, balance, co-ordination and energy levels. It is also a great way to expand your social circle, have fun, and enjoy the sense of well-being that dance brings. Whatever your age, if you are looking for a new way to keep fit and active, the Sliver Swans ballet classes will put a spring in your step!

Pre-Natal & POST-natal

PRE-NATAL - It is very safe and in fact encouraged to stay active for normal pregnancies.Most of our classes are able to cater for pregnancy.  We design movement to accommodate your body and abilities as you move through the various stages of pregnancy in a way that is safe, efficient and extremely enjoyable, with little added load or stress on joints. Pilates exercises can help support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.If you have previously done Pilates before, you may book into the following class types:
Matwork Mobility, Matwork All levels , Cardio Pilates,
Matwork Props All levels, Stretch & Release

Please always advise your instructor of your pregnancy stage at the beginning of class  
Please note: 1.   It is not advised to embark on a brand new physical exercise program while pregnant.  If you have not been regularly attending Pilates prior to your pregnancy, it is recommended to attend a 1:1 sessions initially where our Instructor can take personal assessment and care of you.
2. If your pregnancy is considered ‘high risk’ we recommend you have written clearance from your doctor or Womens’ Heath Physio before participating.  Your health professionals may also be able to provide movement guidelines to us for your specific case.  Once again, it would be recommended to attend 1:1 sessions first.

POST-NATAL - By now you have a little one – congratulations!
After the birth of your child, you will be required to attend a check-up from a Women’s Health Physio (or similar) prior to commencing back with your Pilates. For cesarean births, the recovery time may differ for everyone, and may take up to 8-12 weeks prior to clearance.One-on-one Clinical sessions are fantastic to help get back into your routine, and also to help assist with pelvic floor health and function.

joseph pilates matwork flow

The original matwork sequence as designed by Joseph Pilates.
This class is continuous, challenging, and suitable for all levels.
It is an amazing sequence that can be practiced and mastered over time.  You are able to work at your own level, and you will see progressive improvement with each class.
Expect a full body workout, Joseph was not shy about moving!!


** PLEASE see our NEWS and PRICING page page regarding 1:1 Pilates at this time.
Our private Pilates is offered in the Clinical Studio. Our instructors teaching these classes are qualified in the full Diploma of Clinical Pilates, and constantly continue their education with the latest pain science research and evidence-based practices. 
We have a 1:1 option (one client to one instructor)
Or a 2:1 option (two clients to one instructor) 
These classes are perfect if you are looking to work on something specific, or have a particular condition or goal that would benefit from a tailored program each week:
Chronic back pain  
Hip/knee/ankle issues  
Frozen shoulder
Hip / shoulder bursitis     
Balance and stability    
Focus on personal goals   
Quick gains in strength and mobility 
And many more!
Please contact the studio by phone or email, or our contact page on this website, to arrange your appointments, or for more information.

instructor workshops

Click here to view upcoming Instructor Workshops
Rachel Usher is an Instructor Trainer for Breathe Education, teaching both the Certificate 4 in Pilates and also the Clinical Diploma in Pilates.
Rachel runs short workshops throughout the year for continued education for Pilates Instructors.

Check the WORKSHOPS TAB at the top of our Members MindBody page (link above), or contact Rachel at the studio for more information.

If you are interested in making Pilates a career, please see Breathe Education for details on Pilates Instructor courses:
Breathe Education - Pilates Instructor Training