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The original matwork sequence as designed by Joseph Pilates. This class is continuous, challenging, and suitable for all levels. It is a sequence that can be practiced and mastered.  You are able to work at your own level, and you will see progressive improvement with each class. 
Expect a full body workout!!
**NB - not suitable for pregnancy or osteoperosis

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New classes

We have added a Cardio class to our timetable. This 45 min class will get your heart rate up!! Check it out on the timetable, 5.10pm Thursdays.

Matwork Mobility is suitable for Levels beginner through to intermediate, is osteoporosis friendly and rehab friendly.

See the CLASSES tab for more information.

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Rachel Usher is an Instructor Trainer for Breathe Education, teaching both the Certificate 4 in Pilates and also the Clinical Diploma in Pilates.
Rachel runs short workshops throughout the year for continued education for Pilates Instructors, Check the workshops tab or contact Rachel at the studio for more information.

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Our private Pilates is offered in the Clinical Studio. Our instructors teaching these classes are qualified in the full Diploma of Clinical Pilates, and constantly continue their education with the latest pain science research and evidence-based practices. 
We have a 1:1 option (one client to one instructor)
Or a 2:1 option (two clients to one instructor) 
These classes are perfect if you are looking to work on something specific, or have a particular condition or goal that would benefit from a tailored program each week:
Please contact the studio by phone or email, or our contact page on this website, to arrange your appointments, or for more information.

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